Average hours worked show scale of workload issue

The latest figures confirm that not enough is being done to tackle the problem of excessive working hours among teachers and school leaders. Figures from the Department for Education’s Teacher Workload Survey, which are taken from a representative survey of over 7,000 teachers, middle leaders and senior leaders, show that teachers continue to work on average nearly 50 hours per week.

Teachers and middle leaders reported working an average of 49.5 hours per week in 2019 and headteachers and senior leaders an average of 55.1 hours per week.

In primary schools, teachers and middle leaders reported working an average of 12.5 hours per week during weekends and evenings, and in secondary schools, 13.1 out-of-school hours.

While the number of average working hours has reduced slightly compared to the previous survey in 2016, the figures underline the continued workload burdens being placed on teachers.

The NASUWT is continuing to press the Government to recognise that the only way to tackle excessive workloads and working hours is to introduce statutory measures to compel all schools to implement effective workload reduction measures.

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