Frustration over state pension ruling

The NASUWT is continuing to work with the TUC and other partners to keep up the fight on the pensions inequality facing women born in the 1950s.

The High Court recently rejected claims by campaigners that the Westminster Government’s rise in women’s state pension age was discriminatory on the grounds of sex or age.

The Westminster Government’s decision to raise the state pension age meant that from 2010 the state pension age for women has been increasing steadily from age 60. The way the changes were introduced particularly affected a cohort of women born in the 1950s who had expected to retire and claim their pension from age 60, but now have to wait up to five years longer, causing financial hardship for many.

The NASUWT has been supporting the campaign for pensions equality, and in the light of the judgment has committed to continue to work with the TUC in taking further campaigning action.

The NASUWT has secured successes in challenging pension inequality within the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, and through its negotiations has ensured that teachers born in the 1950s receive full protection against the increase in the teachers’ pension age and the ending of the final salary Teachers’ Pension Scheme on 1 April 2015.

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