Latest Ofsted guidance – ‘deep dive’ issues

The new Ofsted inspection framework came into force in September 2019.

The NASUWT published new guidance for members, explaining the changes and setting out what teachers’ rights and responsibilities are under the new framework.

The new framework places a greater emphasis on the quality of learning and the curriculum. Initial reports from members say that teachers are being asked by inspectors to participate in 'deep dives' into subject areas during inspections and that, in some cases, these teachers are not in receipt of Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) payments for subject co-ordination and have not had the necessary continuing professional development (CPD) or been time to fulfill this role.

The NASUWT is clear that there should be no expectation that teachers take on these responsibilities without the appropriate remuneration and support.

If you have been inspected under the new framework, the NASUWT would also welcome your feedback about your experiences by completing our short survey.

The responses will inform our ongoing dialogue with Ofsted and enable us to raise issues of concern over the inspections.

MPs on the House of Commons Education Committee have concluded that poor implementation of reforms to the SEND system have left families, schools and local authorities struggling to cope.

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