Teachers must be at heart of future governments’ policies

Future governments must put the teaching workforce at the heart of their education policies, the NASUWT has told politicians.

The Union held fringe meetings at both of the most recent Conservative and Labour Party Conferences on the theme of ‘valuing teachers’, to discuss the action the NASUWT believes is needed by parliamentarians to address the teacher recruitment and retention crisis and ensure serving teachers are respected and supported with world-class pay and working conditions.

Speaking at both events, NASUWT Deputy General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach argued that successive governments since 2010 have turned back the clock on the progress made on teachers’ working conditions by the NASUWT and other partners since 1997 under the Labour Government.

The result has been a deepening crisis in teacher recruitment and retention, the growing exploitation of teachers in some schools and a rise in the number of teachers experiencing mental health problems and low morale.

Policies to improve the status and attractiveness of teaching through working with education unions to tackle excessive workload, guaranteeing every child is taught by a qualified teacher and making teachers’ salaries competitive with other graduate professions, should be a priority for the next government, Dr Roach argued.

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