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UPS and TLR: Is there are difference?
We are aware that many teachers on the Upper Pay Spine are regularly being pressured to take on extra responsibilities within their school which they are being told are a requirement of their UPS status. Some schools are saying that such responsibilities must be displayed upon receiving progression to UPS or must be demonstrated in order to "apply" for UP.


NASUWT would like to remind members that there is a clear contractual difference between being a UPS teacher and the responsibilities that come with a TLR. In order to progress to UPS, a teacher must demonstrate that they are "highly competent in all elements of the relevant standards" and that their "achievements and contribution to an educational setting are susbtantial and sustained" means "contributing to the wider school beyond their own classroom" for example sharing resources and good practice with colleagues. It does not mean taking on responsibility for training within school or taking responsibility for leading a subject, (to do this would require a TLR).

Teachers' pay
You will remember that the government recommended in July 2019 that all pay ranges and allowances will be uplifted by 2.75%.

This means an increase to the minimum and maximum of the:

Main pay range
Upper pay range
Leadership pay range
Unqualified practitioner pay range
TLR payments
SEN allowance

The pay ranges and allowances were finalised with the publication of the annual update to the "School teachers' Pay and Condition Document (STPCD) for 2019.

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